Friday, March 20, 2009

Sue Patrick's Workbox System

After much consideration, "planning", talking with my husband and prayer I have decided to purchase "help" for me get on track. Well, what a blessing I received! I searched a couple of blogs and they were recommending this Workbox System. I thought it was going to be too much for me, especially purchasing 12 clear shoe box bins. But I did it and I am so glad I did. Although we haven't started it yet, I have it up and ready (well, almost, still have to get a couple of components together, but it is ready for her to use) and Natalie will use it today. I am really excited and I know she will be excited also. Mainly because she can see what she has to do for the day and she can feel accomplished for finishing all her boxes. I will post those pictures later, but for now, what I have is:
Natalie's Desk Set up:
To the left of her desk are her workboxes. She has 12 of them, but I did not use all 12 today.
On her desk is her schedule strip, help cards, vocabulary box, pencil drawer, and a tray for her finished work. Anything that is put underneath her desk is just there because I put it there, don't pay any attention to that mess!!!

So, basically for the workbox system each child will get 12 plastic bins. For each bin you will put in one assignment or workbook or whatever it may be for that lesson. On the bins are numbers that will correspond to her schedule strip and work with mom cards or other activity cards.

Here you will see a close up of bin number 6 (oops, outta order) on the top right is a "work with mom card" basically self explanitory, when this card is on the bins, then I will be working with her.

Here are two bins with an activity card on them. The one on the right tells her that it is time for a snack, and I have included that snack (hers and her sisters, in the bin)
On the left is one that tells her that she can play for 30 minutes.

Here is her schedule strips. The numbers are velcroed and she takes them off as she works on each bin. I am going to put another velcro dot on each bin probably on the number so she can match the numbers to the bins.

These are her help cards. She only gets 3 per day. And this will help minimize the need to always ask me how to spell a word instead of sounding it out.

This tray will be for her finished workbooks or other paper work.

I definitely recommend this to any one who can use it. And will happily answer any questions you have, but I do suggest you purchase her book or ebook to read.

Here are a few blogs that have inspired me to get started.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Mindful Monday!

Mondays are normally tough for me. I am trying to get myself in the routine of going to bed early and waking up early. My goal is to be up with my husband and see him off to work, then get some early stuff done before the girls wake up. Today wasn't that day! AAAAHHHH, I slept in way to late. But good news, we are halfway done with school today so we will, hopefully, be on time to "Bible Club" today. So far she has completed Bible, Language Arts and she is working on History and Geography. She has yet to do Science and Math. Which we might just do one and leave the rest for tomorrow!

Our schedule for the week:
Neighborhood Bible Study
Homeschool Meeting

Edventure Museum

Prayer Meeting
Children's Bible Club

catch up day

Graduation Service

Family day

Well, I am off now, have a wonderful day!


Thursday, March 5, 2009

♥Welcome to Sowing Precious Seeds Homeschool Academy♥

I am so excited about homeschooling my girls that I thought I would blog about our "adventures", also, I have lots of family scattered in the USA, so this is for them so they can see how we are doing. So, welcome. I hope to have loads of updates and pictures showcasing what we are doing in school and in our normal everyday lives! I hope you enjoy reading as much I will enjoy writing.