Friday, December 21, 2012

still here

So we did change what we were doing in school.  We decided to go with Abeka Academy video school.  The girls love it and they are learning and growing with it.  Natalie is now almost where she needs to be for math and Emily is picking up on reading really good.  Abeka really did a great job with their videos where it is not just a teacher giving lectures but it is actually a classroom setting with students and they make the students at home feel like they are part of the class.  My girls love the singing and the interaction that they get with this new school.  They have so far gotten really good grades, not all A's but we are working on that. 

The diet went well for a couple of months then we had so much going on that we really could not continue with it.  One really exciting thing that happened was I summer camp.....four weeks of summer camp.  I volunteered at a camp for four weeks and the girls went right along with me, having a grand time there.  They made lots of friends, rode horses and played lots of games.  Not to mention how much of the Word of God they received while they were there.  Flying Eagle Ranch is a great Christian camp with great Christian values.

So, there is a little catch up, I will have to do more later, because we are still in school (we fell a little behind).  Hopefully, I will keep up with this blog.

Merry Christmas,

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Direction

As in blog, new diet, and school.

Blog:  ok, here it is, I just don’t blog much.  Why?  Because I have deemed this blog for school.  Why?  Don’t know, so that is the first New Direction we are taking.  This blog will just be more about us as a family than school.

Diet:  Well, really, I should call it a new life style.  We are now “vegans.”  We follow mostly the “Hallelujah Diet”  We started in February 2012.  So far my husband and I have lost 45 pounds together.  April was amiss because of different things going on, so we are starting back on it.  So, New Direction, I want to share some recipes on here.  Ones that my family really love. 

School:  nothing new YET, BUT, we are thinking of changing some things up in the curriculum we are doing and stuff like that, so maybe stay tuned and I will share when we figure it out Smile

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Workbox Revamp

When we moved from SC to GA we moved into a smaller house.  I don’t have a separate space for homeschool, so I really had to condense down what I had and what I was doing.  The first thing that had to go was the space the workboxes took up, and to be totally honest, we were not really using before, so this worked out.  So I totally revamped how we do our workboxes and it has worked really good for us.  I know there are numerous ways that you can do this but I thought one more idea wouldn't hurt, right?!!!


We use BJU mostly for our core subjects, so what I did was I took all of the worksheets out of the workbooks and put them in binders.  During the school year when she is finished with the worksheet and it has been graded I put the finished worksheets in the front with a divider between the finished and the unfinished.  Make sense?  With our bible, they have song sheets and maps, I actually put those in page protectors because she will be handling them throughout the year and I didn't want them getting messed up. 

How I changed the workboxes was with these:

DSC_0202(sorry for the horrible lighting)

I bought these at Walmart.  They are the “@ the office” brand and it is the organizer with 8 pockets. I actually had to buy a lot of them because they only had 8 pockets and I wanted 12, but really I didn't need that many, oh well.  Anyway, I unbound the 4 pages and added 2 more pages to give me 12 pockets.  So I have one for each day (Mon-Fri).  I labeled each on front with my labeler and on wrote it on the spine.

In the front cover, I use this for make up work or work that needs to be corrected.


Each page is labeled with a tag.


I use the pockets only if there are specific directions that need to be followed or vocabulary words….and such.

In each folder I also keep some lined paper for handwriting or scratch paper, if needed.


The back pocket is where the finished work goes and also where I keep the extra tags because some of the subjects we do every other day or per semester.

So that is my crazy method.  It works good for us and my girls love this way best.  I do also because it keeps me accountable for correcting papers right away or at least by the week.

Here is a picture of my planning sheet.  I designed it for our specific needs but you are welcome to copy it.  I keep it in a protective sleeve so it doesn’t get ruined and when that week is over then I just hole punch it and put it in my mom binder (which is really nothing special right now, or organized!)


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