Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Direction

As in blog, new diet, and school.

Blog:  ok, here it is, I just don’t blog much.  Why?  Because I have deemed this blog for school.  Why?  Don’t know, so that is the first New Direction we are taking.  This blog will just be more about us as a family than school.

Diet:  Well, really, I should call it a new life style.  We are now “vegans.”  We follow mostly the “Hallelujah Diet”  We started in February 2012.  So far my husband and I have lost 45 pounds together.  April was amiss because of different things going on, so we are starting back on it.  So, New Direction, I want to share some recipes on here.  Ones that my family really love. 

School:  nothing new YET, BUT, we are thinking of changing some things up in the curriculum we are doing and stuff like that, so maybe stay tuned and I will share when we figure it out Smile

Thanks for stopping by.

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