Monday, June 29, 2009

catching up....

Hey, a little bit of catching up. We haven't actually had a chance to do any math due to a very, unusual, busy summer. We have been pretty much non stop since summer began! Not that I am complaining or anything! We have been having loads of fun with friends and keeping busy at home that we haven't even had a chance to think about anything else.

So the first two weeks were filled with watching friends kiddos and having friends over at the house playing. Two weeks ago (19th and 20th) my husband and I went to a homeschool convention. We came away with boxes of free stuff and a renewed heart and spirit about homeschooling. We loved the keynote speaker Jeff Myers ( Mark liked him so much that we bought all of his cd's! I have listened to 6 of them so far (there are 11!) Very inspirational!

I also have been busy with VBS! I have been put in charge of crafts this year and I am so excited. There is a lot to prepare for though, I didn't realize how much there is to it. I have planned crafts before but not for 60+ kids! I am very excited though, I have about 95% of the shopping done and about 60% with the prep work done. I am glad to have the help of a great friend from church, though. I also am helping my friend with decorating. She is doing a really good job of it and I am excited to see how it will turn out. She is a very creative person!

On Friday we went to pick blueberries with friends. The girls had a great time picking them, but it got hot real quick. We came away with a gallon of blueberries...we did really well!

Well, that is all of my updates for now, no pictures this time as my memory card is on my desk and I am in my room not really wanting to get up. :o)

♥In Christ

Friday, June 12, 2009

What we have been up to...

Since the last time I have been on here I started the workbox system, and it has worked great. Natalie gets all of her boxes done in great time. However, I do have to work with her on the quality of work she has been handing in. I also have to work on getting more things for her to do as I have only been putting in there busy work. So, for next year, my goal is to make that happen.

For this summer, though, is going to be spent getting Natalie better acquainted with her basic math facts. She has been struggling with those and still counts on her fingers. My goal for next year is for her not to have to use her fingers but to rely on her memory.

Emily has learned her upper and lower case alphabet. I am very proud of that accomplishment, but I am excited to say that she also learned the letter sounds, and most of the numbers 0-9. What my goal is to continue to read to her and work on her numbers. I would like for her to recognize a couple of sight words and know all of her numbers by the start of this school year.

This summer I plan to keep busy with lots of fun activities and craft for my girls. Also, I plan on going on play dates with some friends at least 2 times a week. I will try to post what we are doing, but I am not really good at this, but I do want to try. So, my goal for blogging is to become a better blogger!!!

So, until next time (which I am hoping will be soon)...Have an AWESOME summer!

Aurelia ♥