Friday, August 7, 2009

Planning another school year

This year I can honestly say I am ready for! I have been planning and organizing and setting up for this year. Although I still have more to do, I can say that I am about 80% ready! Which is alot for me....I am a major procrastinator!!!

So, this is what I have planned for Natalie:

Math: Math U See, Alpha (yes, she is behind in math, but we will get there!)
English: BJU 3
Science: Rod and Staff and Unit studies (lapbooks)
History & Geography: Abeka 3 and unit studies (Lapbooks)
Music: BJU 3
Health: Abeka 3
Spanish (lapbook)
Five in a Row Volume 1 (lapbooks)
Character Journal

For Emily:
Math: Math U See primer
Sight words
Bug Buddies lessons from Danielle's Place
History unit studies with Natalie
character journal with Natalie
Five in a Row lapbooks with Natalie
Spanish with Natalie
Music with Natalie

I am sure I will add more throughout the year, but that I what I have planned so far. We are still doing workboxes and I already purchased Emily's workbox system. I plan on filling all 12 but do not expect her to finish them all in a day. She likes to be in the homeschool room with us and I figured I can sneak some learning in their while she thinks it is fun! Natalie's workboxes are getting redone. I am making new numbers for hers and new ones for Emily. I am not done with those yet, hopefully that will get done today!

I am also redoing the homeschool room. Finished picture will come later, but so far I have gotten the girls' desk painted and decorated.

Emily's Desk:

Natalie's Desk:

This is a side view of thier desks. I took it from my phone, so sorry for the poor quality! I found the stickers at Dollar Tree and I made the "clocking in/out" cards for my girls. On the upper left of Natalie's and upper right of Emily's desk are hooks that will be installed by my hubby soon for their library bags and aprons.

Closer look of Emily's Desk:

Closer Look at Natalie's Desk:

Hopefully I will be finishing up the homeschool room today or tomorrow to have a relaxing Sunday before we start school on Monday.......hopefully!


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